Welcome to A Healing Place for Self Care

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The concept for A Healing Place for Self Care began a number of years ago as I personally witnessed changes in delivery for Nursing move from “Holism of Care” to the “Medical Model”.  When we look at the history of indigenous peoples and ancient cultures, we see they knew something about health that Western Medicine has tended to disregard. Now we are in the process of returning to those beliefs addressing the mind, body and spirit and merging what was termed “Eastern” with “Western” philosophies.

It is an absolute necessity that people come to expect all possible applications in the maintenance of their personal health.  This includes prevention of disease; intervention during both acute and chronic conditions; and the things utilized for the preservation of lifestyle to the fullest.

A Healing Place for Self-Care provides an opportunity for individuals and particularly the Professional Care Provider to learn about and utilize a variety of modalities on their own for purposes of establishing a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Motto: Self-Care First to Better Care for Others!